Cleo was adopted from the RSPCA in June of 2020.
Her owner had passed away and she was left in the home with no food or water and drank the toilet bowl dry.
She was taken by a Cat Rescue Person for a while, then sold to a lady who is now my friend for $100.00 Cleo was in a really bad way 30% below her correct body weight and suffered severe anxiety and would not let anyone near her. Her new owner tried everything, took her to several vets and a behavioural specialist all without success, Cleo would eat and drink only late at night when nobody was around and would not allow petting, brushing or any interaction for 5 months. Being worried for the little cats health and aware being a chinchilla persian she needed brushing, in despair my friend surrendered her to the RSPCA, who also sadly assessed her as not being suitable for re-homing and were going to Euthenaise her. I asked to adopt her and after 8 months of adjusting to her new home and feline (family members) she is a happy Kitty who is quite outgoing and makes me laugh every day.

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