My beautiful Cleo was surrendered to the RSPCA 2 and a half years ago as her owner had gone into care and her new owner could not handle her as Cleo was scared of people and had been left in a house with no food water or care for 2 weeks, had then been passed from person to person and was very traumatised.
Even though she was not social and would not go to anyone or come out I asked RSPCA to let me adopt her as I heard her story and did not want her to be euthanised through no fault of her own. Cleo is a Chinchilla cat and I had had chinchillas before and knew their temperament.
I brought her home to my little place and my 3 beautiful Ragdoll kitties. They were accepting of Cleo but it took Cleo quite a while to accept them as 3 new brothers is a lot. She would stand guard at my bedroom door and slam the cat door on the boys when they tried to come back inside the unit.
After a while she settled beautifully is happy healthy and feels like she belongs. I love my kitty family.

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