This is Cleo. She came into our lives a week after our cat had been deliberately run over on Christmas day (driver seen swerving to hit him). We were devastated by our loss. New Years Eve our daughter heard meowing and went out to find an emaciated and starving little cat with a kitten under our house. Eventually more kittens were found and bundled into the lounge to be fed and comforted. After ringing the cat haven we agreed to hold onto the kittens as they were still feeding. 2 weeks later we surrendered the kittens who were quickly adopted (we already had 2 other cats) and the lovely vets at Cat Haven sterilised Cleo and informed us that she was only about 8 months old and had been dumped (probably due to her pregnancy). 2 years on Cleo is healthy, happy and utterly adored! She is undoubtedly the most affectionate cat we have ever had. She has been my little buddy comforting me whilst I have been undergoing chemotherapy. Everybody loves Cleo, but to us we feel honoured as this lovely girl has chosen us and that is such a gift.

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