Cinders (now Clare) came to my work, Toowong Family Vet as a cruelty case: she had been tortured. Her teeth were snapped off by blunt force, her nails (and some part of her digits) removed with human nail clippers, placed in a burning hot oven and then finished with attempted drowning in the toilet, when Jiawen Zhang, an international student at UQ, was caught in the act. Clare had sustained third and fourth degree burns to her feet, toes and hocks. She had open wounds where her nails had been. She was at high risk of dying from both shock and infection.


Clare's story has been covered by the Courier Mail, social media and shared across the country and internationally. I dedicate my life and career to caring for animals, and to see the harm that can came to Clare, was incredibly difficult to deal with. She has found a loving, dedicated family that love her in all of her tiny, special glory, and will forever be my special girl. To go through so much, and never change from the sweet, loving kitten she started as, is a lesson to us all, and one not to be forgotten.

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