Cilla came into my life 6 years ago. I found her at the RSPCA looking bedraggled and unloved. The staff simply told me that she had been surrendered. I asked to hold her -, 'Sure, she can be a bit feisty but she can be just as loving.' When I held her, she patted my face. That was all I needed. She came home with me.
Cilla is an amazing little fluffy black cat. I call her my little 'cog'-half cat/half dog. She retrieves fallen leaves, drops them at my feet, loves to chase a tennis ball-but only three times-every time! She trots after me when we garden, growls when she hears odd noises outside. She is the cuddliest and bravest little cat.
I live alone and Cilla is my best friend. I have had a tough few years; my best friend (in human form) is battling cancer, another friend died after a long illness and a family member’s gambling addiction has made my life a nightmare.
Cilla has been, and is, my shining light through these dark times.
A rescue cat who has rescued me.

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