I took my Mother to the RSPCA to adopt a kitten and came home with a kitten and two puppies!

I decided to have a little visit with the dogs while we were there. As I was walking around adoring them all I received a phone call telling me that a close friend had just been diagnosed with cancer. My knees literally buckled at the shock. Then and there I decided not to put off getting a dog to share my life. Two beautiful half-brother and sister puppies, Border Collie/Kelpie crosses were trying very hard to gain my attention. After much heartbreaking decision-making I decided on the girl.

That evening while sharing dinner with the friend who had received the awful diagnosis she burst into tears when told I'd had to leave one of the puppies behind.

So of course I immediately promised to go back for the boy too.

Next morning thankfully he was still there waiting for me. After all the necessary vaccinations etc we brought home two very happily reunited puppies. We discovered that they were cruelty cases rescued from a farm along with many animals.

We enriched each other's lives and lived happily ever after.

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