Chomp came to us as a baby after being caught by a community member’s cat. Poor baby Chomp was extremely scared and timid. With a lot of love, patience and time, she started to recover and her personality started to shine through. She became the happiest little bunny I’ve ever seen. She was constantly doing zoomies and binkying all around the place. Her binkies were so extravagant that she sometimes lost control of where she was jumping, and one time she landed right into the curry I was eating! She loves exploring the house and jumping everywhere she possibly can- including all over us, where jumping onto my shoulders and head is a regular undertaking!
She has brought us so much joy and it’s been a pleasure to be part of her rehabilitation. Seeing her journey has really driven my passion for fostering and animal advocacy. I have now become more involved with The Rabbit Sanctuary including helping recruiting Foster Carers. Sadly Chomp’s looks are often considered ‘undesirable’ and bunnies like Chomp find it hard to be adopted, so I share a lot about Chomp’s unique and loving personality, to encourage people to not judge bunnies by their looks.

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