My story is about our beautiful Chloe.
We rescued her to be a companion to our dog Mac.She had a rough start to life…we were her 3rd attempt at a forever home.She needed a family around her ,she thrived on cuddles and love.
From the get go we all got on so well and they remained life long partners till Mac died 3years ago.
Slowly we all adapted to Mac being gone and we then had beautiful Chloe to love all by herself….I actually think she enjoyed her new quieter life . She was so gentle with absolutely everyone,human and fur people.she was my constant companion..
She went deaf a year ago and then we found out she had a brain tumour .. we knew what that meant… but she was in no pain , she still loved walks, loved her food.
With medication ,care and so much love we had an extra 6 months with her. We said goodbye 6weeks ago.
Chloe was the most amazing dog, she loved us and we loved her for 15yrs.
Adopting Chloe was one of the best things we ever did!
We will donate the prize to a rescue group.

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