We picked up Chino in September 2020. Because the adoption agency was so busy, they asked us to go down to Logan and pick her up. She just sat in the car and did not say a thing, it was a long drive back due to traffic, but she was so good but possibly terrified.
Her owners had separated, and she was left outside all day and when at our house use to scratch the water bowl spilling water everywhere. Obviously, she had to look for water before in the garden and that often was completely empty at times
Chino was very shy, and it took her a long time to settle. Hiding in the cupboard and skulking a bit. Gradually she came to life and now with the help of her little sister is bounding around, loving her walks and all the neighbors know her and she welcomes them with her waggy tail. The residents of the Age Care home locally also look forward to seeing her
When she arrived, she was 5 years old and is now 7and a very happy Daddy’s girl
We are so happy to have her she is so special.

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