I originally had my dog for 18 years and unfortunately age caught up with her and I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life .
It really broke my heart and I thought I could never create the relationship and love with another dog so I decided not up get another rescue.
However there was a massive void in my life and I knew what it was .
Soi started trolling through the massive amount of websites it with no luck .
Until one day I received an email from Celebrity Rescue with a profiles from pic of Chevy .
So I took the drive to check him out .
It was instant as soon as we met he would lean into me and showed instant love .
It really filled my heart that was still broken .
So I took 7 month old Chevy home .
What a difference this little boy had in my life .
We are inseparable and the bond that has been formed so rapidly is lovely.
I’ll always love my previous dog and Chevy is so so special to me .
Su h a lovely boy

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