When we first saw Chelsea we knew she was the dog for us, after numerous problems encountered with getting a dog, think Covid and distance problems. We decided to keep the name as it seemed to fit her so well
That is not say that she is a perfect dog but she is a conduit for attention and often people passing by will stop and talk to her and remark about all the mascara she is wearing! Chelsea loves the attention and wants to meet everyone! She is also wearing a pink princess collar as we try to soften her image (she is a veritable ball of muscle!)
She also wears many hats: nurse, open-heart surgeon for teddies, companion , walk buddy, watchdog, clean-up squad if anything falls from the dining table and most of all, great company. She gets on well with Billy our ‘nervous Nelly’ rescue cat and they provide a lot of entertainment for us with their antics. Chelsea loves the bush and the beach and is a real ‘Aussie babe’ in that regard. We often say that Chelsea won lotto as she found a place in our house and hearts, but then again, so did we!

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