Early 2021, as retired empty nesters, we decided to get a rescue dog. However our web search for a small/medium dog proved difficult and our ages were viewed negatively. After 24 unsuccessful applications we looked at Celebrity Pets website and saw a staffy/mastiff cross which wasn’t what we were looking for but we decided to meet the dog. It was a gamble as she had been in kennels since being picked up malnourished by the pound with no behaviour record. Named Chelsea, she met us exuberantly and the walk on lead was a challenge. However we decided to take her home, our biggest concern was our cat so the rescue agreed to take Chelsea back if the meeting was disastrous.
One year on and we have the most beautiful girl imaginable. Initially growling at the cat, she quickly learned her manners and they have become firm buddies. Chelsea has given us so much pleasure from our long walks together, the love she shows us and the ferocious growling if she thinks anyone is trying to break in.
I can only say that Chelsea was not what we were looking for, but she is everything we could ever have wished for.

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