I'm Tiny Tim.

Just before Christmas 2019, I was 4 months old, scared, alone, without my siblings and bushfire smoke filled my lungs. One morning, walking with CCACF carers, I met Cheeky Chops & Freckles walking their pet hoomans on-lead.

Cheeky Chops & Freckles first adopted their hoomans in December, 2017, at Monika's Rescue. Since then, Cheeky Chops & Freckles have relaxed and relinquished most of their stricter rules like being a bonded pair, anxious, hypervigilant and routinely filling the car with vomit.

As we all strolled with the hoomans watching intently, Cheeky Chops & Freckles invited me home. I was thrilled, the smiling hoomans beamed, and I got my best Christmas present ever!

I adore them and they've taught me everything, including communicating with our funny pet hoomans. Hoomans are not smart like us, and initially they complained about the cost of new underwear, but they give us lots of toys, treats, yummy food, hugs & kisses, great walks and swims in the lake.

We always have to babysit at least one hooman at home. Freckles suspects the hoomans don't appreciate her home redecorating skills. And I've taught them all how to play and find joy in life.

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