Charlie came into my life 22/12/2018. He was so quiet and reserved and had been overlooked by 4 other families before our paths crossed.
Five days after I brought Charlie home I was riding my mountain bike down Mount Kosciusko and I had an accident which resulted in me breaking my back. T1 through to T6 were all broken. Fortunately I had no nerve damage so I was still able to walk.
Now this is where Charlie rescued me. I could have been consumed by severe depression and remained in my bed in excruciating pain but he wouldn’t let me. Every morning he would be right there beside my bed begging me to take him to the beach for a walk. He wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself. He loved me unconditionally. He wouldn’t let me use my pain as an excuse. He was my constant companion and physiotherapist. He was my mental and emotional supporter. He would lick the tears from my face and his happiness is infectious. He has become such a fun loving best friend and he has come out of his shell. He rescued me more than I rescued him.

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