Charlie he was only meant to stay for a little while . He was a last minute foster and i picked him up from the vet. My first words when i saw him was "oh my god your your so cute your comming home with me. Thats where the story of my foster fail started. My other dog Dakota was a rescue herself became the best big sister teaching him everything he needed to know. Then one day when i was looking through applications of people to adopt him. I saw something that changed my world forever. Dakota giving Charlie kisses and snuggling up with him on the couch. She had picked him out of all the foster dogs to be her little brother. The next 5 years were the happiest of our lives. Then .. on June 1 st 2022 they were both ripped from my life in an instant, now i have the fight of my life against a vexacious council trying to kill two innocent family pets . I am not even allowed to visit them . I just want my happy funloving family back together… Iam praying that i can save them both a second time

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