From the minute I walked into his cage ( he had to be in solitary confinement because he as a) a bully and b) a fatty he kept eating all the other cats food ) I knew that he was my cat soul mate, I sat down and he licked my hand.
I put the cat carrier on the floor and he walked into it turned around sat down and looked at me as if to say why are we still here.

He had been returned twice for being to voilent, but my previous cats had never been love bugs so that didn't bother me. I renamed him after my Father as he had alot of his personality traits – stubborn but loyal !!

i had the honour of having him in my life for 7 years and he roadtripped with me up and down to my house in QLD and then we both moved permanently there in 2020 and he enjoyed his final years belly up lying in the sun on my porch.

He passed away recently and I will miss him forever – I'll always foster and adopt the reward is too great not to.

RIP Cecil x

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