Catalina came to us a skittish kitten and scared of sudden movements. This morning I woke up to find her perched on my pillow and purring. I was able to reach for her and she happily accepted a head scratch. Catalina has been with us for about six weeks and only continues to become braver and more demanding for tail or head scratches. Everything is on Catalina’s terms and that’s okay. Our Rottie, Biggie, and resident cat, Olive, have taken her under their arms. All our babies including our bunny, Cinnabun, are rescues and it’s because of them that I’m planning on becoming a vet nurse. Watching each foster grow and thrive gives me a purpose. I found my passion in the most unexpected way and though I’m sad when a foster leaves, I love that I have been a part of their journey. Animals are the most forgiving and trusting creatures. When an animals trust in humans is broken, it’s incredible to be one of the people who helps rebuild that trust and gives them the love they’ve always deserved.

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