I already had two free-roam rabbits so I was unsure if adopting a cat was a wise idea. Since moving into a bigger apartment, my rabbits no longer needed my attention to entertain themselves, so I thought getting a cat would be a way to provide me with the extra affection I was craving.

One morning I made the decision to adopt a cat and went straight to Lort Smith in North Melbourne. The trick was to find a cat that would not harm my rabbits, instead love them and treat them with respect. The carers there suggested the white tabby in the corner and after a brief cuddle, I knew she was the one. Lort Smith wasn’t wrong when they said she was placid, playful and loves a cuddle. She quickly became a companion for my rabbits and they welcomed her with open paws.

Cat Benatar’s origin story is unknown, but her furrever home story involves morning and night feasts with her fur siblings, staring at pedestrians from the windowsill, doing zoomies, watching me cook dinner and couch cuddles.

She completes my fur family, and is proof that a rescue can adapt to any fur-family situation.

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