I started fostering at a time where I was at my lowest point in my life. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and expression. Everyday was a struggle and I felt like I was drowning in everyday life. I remember receiving emails from SAFE PERTH with a list of dogs currently impounded. Most of them were fostered our quite quickly but one day i recieved an email with a urgent dog. His time was up in the pound.I had fostered 4 dogs for different rescues previously and couldn’t bare the thought of him possibly being euthanised. I don’t know what or why this baby caught my eye but I could tell from his pound photo he had come from a rough life. His face showed sadness , confusion and just heartbreak and I wasn’t about to let him spend another lonely night in the pound. So that day I spoke with SAFE and organised to go rescue him. When I saw him I instantly fell in love, you could say he was instantly a foster fail! Since that day 5 years ago he has been my best friend. He rescued me more than I rescued him

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