I found Butler living in the bush outside our new house. He was left by past owners and has been living outside for over a year. When I brought him in he was in bad shape and covered in fleas. The vets at AMS Kingsford helped us to change his details over and make the adoption official. After flea treatment, worming, vaccinating and having a tooth removed, Butler has been with me for 7 months now and couldn’t be happier. He is so full of love and so truely grateful that he now has a safe and happy home. I wasn’t expecting to have a pet but he came to me at the best time. Butler has helped me so much to learn to relax and de-stress, he is my best friend, and had the most infectious positive energy. Butler breaks the mould of the introverted unpredictable cat, he welcomes everyone into our home with a big smile and a meow, and could brighten anyone’s day. I can’t thank the vets who helped us enough, they have gives me the best gift imaginable.

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