We were looking for a medium breed dog, an energetic breed that would play fetch and go for a run. The animal rescue showed us a picture of our beautiful boy.. not what we had in mind but we agreed to take a look. He was born at the rescue and had been returned three times in 8 months, as he grew ‘too big’ (they said mum was a chihuahua, turns out dad was a blue healer) and had ‘too much energy’. It was love at first sight, he bonded instantly with our three teenage children. We have over an acre so plenty of space to run and play. We had an unwelcome visitor who came to ask for a drink of water.. Buddy physically blocked me from him and barked / growled non stop, refusing to let him close to me. Turns out he had stolen a car, was on drugs and running from police! I believe he was protecting me from harm. He has turned out to be the loveliest, most protective dog and it was meant to be!

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