Buddy and I met at the shelter last year, he was departing the shelter after a week-long stay and a two-week solo tour of the surrounding countryside. We aren’t sure why Buddy was forced to leave his home, or the two before that, but we are sure that he wasn’t shown the love and respect he deserves. Used to being a lone-wolf, Buddy kept to himself in the car ride home, overwhelmed with the new people, the pain from his dislocated leg and his new surroundings. He stayed strong during the vet emergency vet visit that night, even through painful examination of his dislocated leg and open wounds. He made it almost all the way home that night before, out of nowhere, climbing up on my lap (with a little help), forcing his head into my chest, and then collapsing into me after what had been a 6-hour journey. It’s safe to say we instantly connected, we bonded further over 3-months of being carried down the stairs to the backyard to the toilet and we have been best friends through the last 9 months of walks, training, cuddles on the couch and playtime in the yard.

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