From the moment i saw Buddy on PR page i knew he was coming home to us for the rest of his days. The rest was just details.He loves our family like he has been apart of it from day 1 and we adore him. His first few days he shadowed me nervously but there was also a loving curiosity in every look he shared. Now he is so comfortable that he has his own spot in every room of our house. He loves his daily walk and playing 'Find your ball' in the yard with all of us. He is learning about eating good healthy food with the occasional treat of apple or carrots. He has had his teeth overhauled and has a clean bill of health. Buddy loves his bear ( small teddy) we gave him on day 1. He hides it all over the house. Our favourite is the way he waits for our boys to return from school every day at 3:15. He knows. We can't say enough about our boy, we know he loves his new world because his tail hasn't stopped wagging since he got here and we all haven't stopped smiling. Xo

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