I took my then 12 yearly grandson with me to help me find a rescue greyhound.
We met many beautiful dogs but the one we chose stood out as a big black goofy fun loving pooch.
We had a long trip home but we were busy choosing him a name. As you can imagine, I had to gently reject many names my young grandson chose but we eventually agreed on the name "Buddy."
Since I have adopted him I have become separated, moved twice, been treated for breast cancer and have had a knee replacement. My canine companion, with his gentle and serene nature has greatly assisted me to meet and greet those ups and downs.in life. I in turn have cared for his doggy needs which has made me less self oriented.
He is now 7 or so but still gets the circling zoomies at "walkie time ", but will happily sleep the day away otherwise.
I have had many dogs in my time but will now always recommend rescuing a greyhound to anyone who will listen.
And he is so happy to recognise and greet other greyhounds on our walks with their like minded animal lovers owners.

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