We were his 8th placement and Jeff worried it may be Buddys last chance. He wasn’t a nasty dog but he destroyed stuff and jumped big fences. His enthusiasm could pull you over. He made growling sounds when his ears were touched.It made him
hard to own. Buddy is our second rescue. When I saw him, I said NO, he’s too big, but it turns out it was his heart I could see. The growling we’ve discovered is groaning, with pleasure. That took us a while
to work out. He’s learnt how to walk cooperatively on the lead, how to cuddle our anxious ten year old to sleep and is now a storydog at the local primary school, helping kids learn to find confidence reading. He talks silent sense to our teenage son, they share their ADHD with love and affection. At night he rests his too big head on my leg or my feet and sighs contentment as he stares with his cow like eyes into our lives. As my husband said when he persuaded me to keep him. Things just seem to be better with him
around. The sacrificial
cushions were worth it.

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