Buddy joined our family in December, 2018 from 'Dog Rescue Newcastle'. He was an anxious dog and scared of strangers.Less than 24 hours after his foster parents, Vanessa and Jono dropped him off, he got out of a gate that was left ajar. We frantically looked all over the neighbourhood and found Buddy hiding in bushland near our house. He wouldn't come near us – he hardly knew us. I rang Vanessa distressed and told her what was happening, in case she got a call. We had to give up for the night as it got dark. Hope was fading that we would ever get him back. At 1am my mobile rang – Vanessa and Jono had Buddy! They had driven the 3 hours from Newcastle to the Blue Mountains with Buddy's doggy foster brother, Marvin. They went to the place where Buddy was hiding, called him and Buddy came straight to them. They delivered him home to us, then drove the 3 hours back home. No words can describe how grateful we are for what they did. They brought our Buddy home. Buddy is a huge part of our family. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for him.

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