I fell in love with Buddy the moment I saw his picture saying he needed a foster home. Although already having two other fosters at the time, we opened up our home and he eventually became our special foster 'fail'.
From being a cute and cuddly six month old with his adorable puppy dog eyes, to becoming a loyal, patient and food obsessed big fella, I couldn't imagine life without him.
He makes a great snuggle buddy when I am suffering from depression and gives me a reason to get outside for some exercise. He is always patient with me and can sense I just need him by my side.
He has also been an excellent foster brother to many dogs, including 3 groups of puppies. He is calm and reassuring, allowing even the shyest foster to feel at home and gain confidence. He shows them the ropes and is a great playmate & snuggle buddy. He has been instrumental in toilet training foster puppies, demonstrating toileting on command and showing them to go to the door to get let out.
I love Buddy more than words and hope he can help us rescue dogs for many years to come!

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