I took Buddy in when he was just 2 weeks old, intending to foster him until he was old enough to be put up for adoption….but I became his Mommy straight away, bottle feeding him, teaching him all the things a kitten needs to learn….how could I part with him after that?
He's now 6 years old, & is a huge floof, definitely a large part Norwegian Forest Cat! He's been my absolute lifeline through some very difficult times, he cuddles me when I'm not well, & he can make me laugh when I'm upset, usually by playing like a kitten! (A kitten that sounds like a pony thundering through the house, but still 😹😸)
He loves his treats, & will actually sit down & wait for me to give them to give him, plus I've taught him to stand up & take them! He takes the treats ever so nicely, never snatching or trying to bite fingers, simply plucks the treat from between my fingers & then crunches away!
And yes, I am his Mommy, because he meows Mom quite distinctly!! 😻😻😻

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