Bud is a 48kg Bull Arab cross with soulful, adoring, brown eyes, and a love of cuddles. Bred on a farm in rural Victoria to be a wild-pig hunter, Bud would not hurt anyone or anything, so was chained up and ended up on the kill-list at the pound.

I met Bud one year ago, when I fostered him after he was rescued by Forever Friends Animal Rescue. Within 2 weeks I adopted Bud, completely in love with his gentle nature. From day one, Bud showed no aggression, no reactivity, and patience with dogs of all sizes!

Bud arrived underweight, with scars on his face and pieces missing from both ears. Bud spent his first week shaking, hiding behind trees in my garden and terrified of people, particularly men.

With time, Bud developed trust in the people in his life; flourishing into a relaxed, affectionate, adored family member. After several months, Bud did his first-ever play-bow! His fear stance transformed into vigorous tail-wags, in circles like a propellor! He now excitedly jumps in the car for adventures, follows his doggy friends into the ocean for swimming plays, and his response to dog parks has evolved from confusion to pure joy!

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