It has been just over a month since we picked up our beloved chocolate lab Bruno from the Wodonga shelter.
Abandoning a 14 week puppy is something we couldn’t fathom, and we felt lucky to be able to bring him home to be become a younger brother to our 8 year old golden Lab Greer. We don’t know about a lot of detail about Bruno’s first months in this world, but we were grateful of the care the shelter gave him. He has really made himself at home with us in metropolitan Melbourne. While he is quite jumpy and scared when it comes to loud noises and traffic, especially the garbage truck that comes every Thursday, he is really settling into city life and loving all the adventures. This weekend he had his first trip away to the Macedon ranges and absolutely loved exploring the walking trails and relaxing by the fireplace. We can’t imagine our life without Bruno, he has completed our family and brought us immense joy. Greer his big sister who was a bit aloof at first has become his best pal, and they are absolutely inseparable.

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