We found Bruno on a daschund rescue page. I enquired about him straight away and I couldn't wait to hear back. When GAWS first called me, they told me that so many people had enquired about him. I was sad because I was worried we wouldnt be able to get him. We have a mini daschie already, and knew she needed a friend. When GAWS called me back, they said that someone was coming to look at him, and if they didn't like him, we would be next. I waited and waited – and finally they called me. They told me that the people who came and looked at him didnt like that he was desexed. That didnt phase us! We gathered our little girl and drove the whole way to Geelong and the two of them meeting was the best feeling ever. I am in love with them together so much – he is the perfect little fur addition to our family. Its like we were waiting for him and here he is. They are obsessed with each other, and even sleep together in the same little fluffy bed. We cant imagine life without him now!

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