I first saw Bronx on Facebook. He is a kelpie x border collie just like my other dog, Raven. All I saw was a blurry picture of him side on, he had prickles all through his fur and he was so skinny. I live in Brisbane, and the people that posted Bronx’s photo was a pound in Tamworth. The post said that he was tied to a pole and abandoned in a thunder storm. The previous owner left a note saying that they had to get rid of Bronx because he knocked over a kid and to “give him a chance it’s christmas”. I knew I had to do whatever I could to help Bronx. From these very few things I knew about him he reminded me so much of Raven. So I began making phone calls, to the pound, to people I knew in Tamworth to see if they could keep him at their house until I could drive and get him. I was nearly about to lock in his adoption when I called the pound and they said they no longer had him. A rescue had picked him up. I emailed them and they bought him straight tome.

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