Bronson was surrendered to several pounds in Queensland before being rescued and sent down to Victoria to be placed into foster care. His foster parents started the long process rehabilitation, as he didn’t understand what play was or understand human affection, several OCD behaviours due to lack of environmental exposure at a young age; water chasing, shadow chasing, being afraid of wind, cars, strangers and even cats.
Fast forward five years, and he demands pats and cuddles and we can go for walks and relax in the sunshine without the worry and stress of the outside world. He has some dog and human friends and becomes super excited to see them and loves their company.
Bronson has encouraged me to compete in dog sports; herding, canine disc, nose works and trick training. Being in a new social situation are difficult for me, training in these sports has allowed me to expand my experiences in meeting like-minded people. We do train daily and most weekends, I love Bronson’s ear prick, bum wiggle, and tail wagging when he achieves something. He has allowed me meet lifelong friends and he can experience life to the fullest bountiful of enrichment and love.

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