I first started fostering with QSAR in November 2020. A most beautiful girl named Yera whom I called Sarah. I would have foster failed with her but sadly we lost her to the heartworm with which she was heavily burdened. Next came Millie whom we successfully connected with her forever family within 5 weeks. She is now “living the life of Riley” with her extended family on the Sunshine Coast. Along came Bowie. First surrendered at 10 months old, he was completely blind. After a month or so with 2 different carers ( resident dog jealousy) he was adopted. He was relinquished again 2 years later. He was terrified of everyone (except me it seems 🥰) and every sound. He had been left alone until 10:30 at night most days as his owners were busy working. He was not walked on lead, nor socialised either with people or dogs. Following all vet checks, where the specialist advised that his blindness was irreversible and most likely caused either by an infection not treated correctly or else trauma, QSAR advised me to prepare his profile for advertising him for adoption. I couldn’t do it. We adopted each other. Currently fostering Sebastian too.

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