On the first of December 2017, I saw an ad looking for a foster/permanent home for a Koolie called "hearts" on facebook. I immediately fell in love with him and just had to have him – despite already having 5 dogs!! The Aust Koolie rescue arranged his flights and pretty soon he was here in WA! Hearts is a black and white Koolie who was rescued from a horrible animal horder in NSW. He was estimated to be 6 years old and had spent pretty much his whole life in a hole in the ground! We changed his name to Boots as it suited him better. It's been a long road to his recovery with some ups and downs but I truly believe he was meant to be part of the family. He is now a happy, active dog who loves running and swimming but is still fearful of loud noises. Boots has fit well into our home and with the other dogs, slowly he is coming out of his shell.

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