We found boomer on Petrescue.com.au. We soon fell in love with him & had him shipped down to VIC from QLD. Boomer and his other family members were severely abused, leaving him fully deaf, his mother nearly starved, and his father abused and swollen. His family is very lucky to be alive. We then later discovered he'd torn both his cruciate ligaments, so he underwent an $8000 surgery in our care, and a long recovery process. Boomer is now fully recovered, and is slowly gaining his hearing back from a possible head trauma. He suffers anxiety but overall is the sweetest boy you'd ever meet, his favourite toy is his yellow ball and he loves liver treats and his hooman's. Boomer is the perfect addition to our family and we love him so much. And although he's been through living hell in his first few years of life, he has sooo much love to give and sooo much love to get. He has made a huge difference to our family and helps greatly with mental health.
Thankyou for this wonderful opportunity
Love Boomer 🐾

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