Boo came to me at first as a boarder as the owner was unable to keep her with her new living arrangements. It took 6 weeks before she even came out of her hiding hole to greet me. She was very timid and unsure. Slowly she came out of her shell and started to come to me for pats. When the owner told me she couldn't keep Boo and needed to surrender her I knew I would have to find the right family for her. When she was ready for adoption I told the adopters to be very patient with her, but she showed me up and took over the new place as her own straight away. Sometimes it just takes time for some animals to learn to trust. Boo has inspired me to come out of my shell more and it has opened up great opportunities for me in doing so. Boo is now living a cat's dream by being spoilt by a family that love her dearly.

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