Earlier this year I joined a collaborative effort to save the lives of a young rat of and her six babies who arrived at a rescue facility in the most critical state I have ever seen. Bonnie was skeletally thin, deeply exhausted and losing her fight all whilst trying to keep alive her critically unwell babies. For seven nights I sat with Bonnie for hours rubbing food on her mouth so she could lick it off between naps because she was too tired to move herself to the bowl. I helped Bonnie stay clean and warm and we found a way to keep her babies safe with another mother rat. In a week, Bonnie pulled our community together in every way possible and then some, though sadly her little body couldn't keep up the fight and she passed safe, warm and loved. Delightfully, Bonnie's three girls and three boys continue to flourish with their furever families having fully recovered whilst in foster care with me. In seven days Bonnie became the heart rat I never expected and she continues to inspire me – on the good days and the hardest ones. She is my Brave Bonnie – my little hero.

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