Bonnie came to us as a foster – she wasn't a 'match' for us to adopt but they needed her fostered desperately. Within 5 minutes this giant greyhound was sprawled on my lap. While we were fostering, she struggled initially with meeting other dogs.. and dont get me started on cats! She would eat anything left out, and dig our carpet if we left through extreme anxiety. She had previously worn down all her teeth from chewing at her racing crate when left alone.
REGARDLESS when we had to write her adoption profile, after submission i burst into tears, and my partner knew we would need to get a bigger couch and a life adjustment – we had to keep her.
Whirlwind one year on, our girl is happy, healthy with such an improvement on anxiety. she has a best friend husky called Mia, and she even plays with other dogs now (she didnt know what a toy was when we got her!!!!). she still eats anything (Watch out flavoured candles..) but she is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to us!

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