My partner, Kelly, works at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and we had fostered quite a few dogs.
I was interstate for work when Kelly told me we were getting a new foster dog.
We were due to go away for a weekend away not long after and had agreed we would not take another one until we returned but she said this one needed somewhere to go right now.
When she arrived home the following night she had with her a large dog, that despite being the height of an American Staffordshire terrier, was emaciated, weighing only about 13 kilos and had very little fur left due to a long term untreated demodectic mange problem. She had been surrendered by her owner who did not want to pay for medical treatment for her, and was suffering from too much anxiety to be in the shelter.
She was terrified of people but trusted us almost immediately and steadily gained weight and grew her fur back. In that time she made herself too big a part of our family to not keep her forever.
She now enjoys hiking and relaxing on the couch and we cant imagine life without her.

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