Bonnie was a rescue pup, but in reality Bonnie rescued us. With the loss of our Lab-cross in tragic circumstances, Bonnie rescued us from loss, and Milly our remaining dog, from anxiety. Did I choose to ignore that I felt she was a tiny bit big? Did I ignore the vet when told, "Allison, if she is this big now, she is going to be a giant dog”. Surely she just means large. Bonnie grew. And grew. This giant sized pup with legs as gangly as a teenager galloped into the house, unable to co-ordinate all four limbs in any graceful semblance of control. This enormous horse of a pup loved to play with smaller dogs in our extended family, not understanding their reluctance. This ever growing pup insisted she was tiny, and therefore a lap dog. Now two and a half years later, standing 710 cm, weighing 50kgs she is still our lap dog. And we let her, because we love her. If talking of size, her name is not right. But her nature is beautiful, an absolute delight. She brought us through tough times, she’s carried us through. We love her unequivocally, and she loves us too!

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