Bolt is a special needs pooch , with low vision and quiet a bit of anxiety. Bolt hadn’t been inside much during his life, coming to my house he spends most of his days inside with me, he was very warey of all the different surfaces in the house. After a few weeks he found his stride , his personality has blossomed he’s such cheeky boy, he’s gentle , cuddly and boy he loves a belly rub. We have bonded like I wouldn’t have believed possible. Bolt has just had cataract surgery to restore some vision, he’s just starting to see a whole new side of life and next week he gets his cone off ! But bolt has given me as much as I have given him, in and out of lockdowns , being unable to see family and friends, he has been my companion and he is sure to be a foster fail, I would never have thought a bond with a dog like this was possible.

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