We have had Bobby in our family for over 10 years. He was abused as a puppy and we adopted him in an instant. He has had it hard in latter years. He has a prosthetic eye due to glaucoma and has nearly lost sight in his other. He has adjusted so well. We have spent what ever is needed for him to try and keep his sight. He is very loved and is always wanting to be cuddled. He is a member of our family along with our other dog whom he loves very much. Our dogs are top priority for us. Bobby has many eye drops 3 times a day and if we are to go out, we make sure someone is home to do his drops otherwise I will stay home with him. He loves to cuddle at night and sleep on our bed, if not under the doona on really cold nights. I can't think of a better animal to have in our family. We all love our dogs very much.

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