I have fostered numerous kittens, but until I met Bobby, I never realized that a cat can chose a human.
When he first came into my care, he was skinny and highly traumatized. He feared people and hated to be touched. He was found at 6 weeks old in the rain with severe ringworm that involved long term treatment of bathing, and topical medication.
The first step was to desensitize his phobia of hands and build trust. I found that by turning my hand over and patting him with the back of my hand speaking to him gently, and giving him treats, he over time began to relax and 'pretended to enjoy it'.
7 months passed and he began coming to me and asking for cuddles and rubs on his tummy. One day we had a huge break though when he let me pick him up! Now he never leaves my side, snuggling on my bed all day! He loves lockdown!
He was supposed to only be a foster kitten, but now he is my best friend who loves sleeping on my bed, being cuddled and loves being brushed! I am proud to say, he chose me to Foster Fail!

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