Went to the shelter looking for a cat 10yrs plus, my Toby puss died at 15 yrs old, I was lost without him, as I live alone, my Toby was a big fluffy 7kg Siberian, the shelter staff were trying to show me a big Tortishell cat but she wouldn't come near me, then in walks Bobby he was smooching and purring and was 7 years old but the size of a kitten and at 3 .5 kg
It took me awhile to decide but I do believe cats pick you as my Toby who was a feral kept coming to me and my dad (I was my dad's carer till he passed, my dad wasn't fond of cats because they kill the wild life, but we stopped that by keeping puss inside,happy and well fed.
My dad had a big police funeral with police guard of honour and as dad had written his own eulogy when the last line said keep Toby the cat!
Now I have Bobby am still getting used to such a small cat but he will be with me to the end
and if I go first my son will look after him.

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