We originally took Blossum on as a foster pet, with the view of supporting AAW. After 15 years owning a dog, we thought fostering the best option as I couldn’t replace our Sally just yet. However, when Bloss arrived it was pretty much instant lovability on our part. She was very quiet, obedient & only wanting to please by being as unobtrusive as possible. Her recent history was quite a sad story for the past 4 years, and she seemed grateful for the nurturing.
Bloss settled in very easily to our 2 person household, she has transformed into a very cuddly, adoring, contented dog who loves being with humans and follows us around everywhere when able. She loves her walks, and snoozing away her days. She is not into other dogs, but we can live with that, unfortunately no more fostering for us while she is with us – an occupational hazard so I am told.
When it came time to forward her on to potential forever home, we just couldn’t do it, she has stolen our hearts and we are so pleased to be able to be able to love and spoil her in her final years.

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