I picked up Blaze from our local pound where he and his sister were dumped.
Sadly his sister died in the pound overnight.
They were totally emaciated..
Blaze was a scared little ball of skin and bones…
I was determined that he would survive and find a beautiful forever home.
As the days passed he became a snuggly purring machine.
And he was eventually adopted by a lovely lady who had adopted three other special needs kittens
Seeing how he was and where he is today makes me more determined to help as many abandoned pets as I can.
Seeing his will to live and how much he fought to survive humbled me..
Every living being has the right to a good life and if I can help them achieve that, I am happy..
Blaze will always hold a special place in my heart.
There is always another in need around the corner but I never forget the ones that pass through my life.
The moment they look you in the eye and give you their complete trust after all they have suffered is something to be treasured and precious.
Thank you for loving me, my little sweet Blaze.

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