Bitty was a skinny homeless boy living on the streets for some years. He would come around a neighbours place for a feed every day then go on his merry way. Bitty became very friendly in that time so I decided to take him in and get him desexed and chipped. He just walked right in the carry cage. He must of known that something good is going to happen to him. I could not put him back out on the streets to beg for food and be cold so I decided to rescue him and give him a home with me. He has made a difference in my household by his layback forgiving and gentle nature. He has never bit, scratched or struck out at me. He has a sad face but he is very happy after what he has been through living on the streets. He is a big boy weighing in at 8kgs. One of the children living in the units he visited called him Itty Bitty Black Cat. That's how he got his name as Bitty.

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