Billy, a stag hound cross , around 8 months old came to us 5 years ago.
Having lost my beautiful staffy, Mikey . Mikey had mobility problems (we had a stroller for him). He was very heavy to lift into the car.
I decided our next dog would be more compact . Wrong ! Billy is the biggest dog we have ever owned.
We made the trip to country Victoria to meet and collect Billy.
The wonderful volunteers from Riverina Rescue had a special trailer full of (freshly washed !) pets for adoption.
Billy, inexperienced with city life was quite a handful. Also having an obsession with anything that had wheels ,Cyclists, skate boards, prams !
We slowly desensitised him and gain his trust , respect, loyalty and affection.
I’m not saying he’s perfect . He can still throw a wobbly at the park and refuse to leave.
But, he just adores our family , as we do him.
He was /is such a support to us during 5 lockdowns,
Finally, Billy , I can proudly say has been accepted as a volunteer Pet Therapy dog for Lort Smith , North Melbourne.
Thank you Billy, a happy loved friend .

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