I’d lost my darling Django after 17 years. He was my constant companion, a rescue as well. He was a big black Staffie x Ridgeback. I was devastated, lonely and bereft without him.
After 2 years my kids were insisting I look online for another dog. Eventually I reluctantly and half-heartedly did some searches. My kids sent me links but I didn’t “feel” any connections.
And then….there was Billy; skinny, scrawny, black, very young and tiny…and something clicked. He had Django’s eyes.
I went to meet him. The centre was chaotic with swarming hordes of assorted small, yapping dogs.
Billy stood out among them. He instantly ran to me like I was an old friend, like he’d been waiting. He followed my son everywhere looking like he was trying to say “hey! I’m yours, don’t you know?”
He’s now my other little half, my naughty, funny, happy, snuggly and utterly life-filling little boy.
He makes me laugh, he totally understands me and his tiny paws have found their way into my heart. His personality is big and rambunctious and everyone just adores him. He’s our “Neighbourhood Watch-dog”, very alert (actually he’s just nosey). Lonely? Me? Not while I have Billy.

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